Certificate Programme in Finance and Accounting (WITS Business School)

Programme Overview

The Certificate Programme in Finance and Accounting will enable Professionals, Managers, Business Analysts and Technical Specialists to participate and cope with the complexities of financial decisions and long-term financial commitments which are an integral part of every business’s success or failure. For those without a finance background, it is an essential prerequisite for promotion to senior levels in the organisation. Decisions to hire or fire, produce, purchase or sell assets, and forge strategic alliances are all financial in nature. Heightened competition, technological changes, volatility in inflation, interest rates, taxation and foreign-exchange rates and world-wide economic uncertainty must be dealt with on a daily basis. The making of financial decisions and how they impact on the organisation will be examined through the comprehensive analysis of case studies. Participants will be given the tools to obtain a strategic perspective on the financial management of their businesses.


Learning Process

The theoretical basis will be explored through lectures and class discussion. Case studies, guest lecturers and individual and syndicate assignments will provide the practical skills for financial problem-solving, decision-making and strategy development.


Course Content

  • Concepts and terminology used in making financial decisions
  • Interpretation of financial statements
  • How to manage income and cash flows
  • Sources of finance
  • Financial planning
  • Budget control
  • Asset management optimisation
  • How financial decisions fit within the business’s overall mission
  • Appropriate use of valuation concepts
  • How to determine an appropriate capital structure
  • Managing financial risk
  • How to evaluate strategic alliances
  • Creating economic value
  • Company taxation principles and applications


Admission Requirements

Participants will be selected on the basis of their management track record. Previous academic or professional qualifications are a definite advantage but are not a prerequisite for the course.


Certificate of Competence

A Wits University certificate will be awarded to the applicants who successfully complete the course and satisfy the examination requirements. Individual and syndicate project work will contribute to the course evaluation.



To be determined

Duration : 15 days
Course Fee : To be confirmed



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