The Dealguru (for Executives only)

Programme Overview

The Dealguru is an exclusive programme that provides business leaders with the platform to examine, debate and apply the strategies of world-class negotiators and dealmakers. With participation limited to executive decision makers, delegates are able to hone their dealmaking expertise to the highest possible levels in the shortest period of time. The programme focuses on maximising business transactions through the dealmaking expertise required for mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and similar large deals.


Programme Objectives

The Dealguru programme enables executives to negotiate highly complex transactions by:

  1. Understanding the proficiency of world-class dealmakers
  2. Having their current dealmaking competency significantly enhanced through working with other “C” level executives in syndicates and discussion forums
  3. Applying this improved expertise to a complex business transaction, supported by personal coaching from international dealmakers
  4. Networking with select, like-minded corporate leaders


Target Audience

The Dealguru programme is reserved for executives only. The CVs of potential delegates are scrutinised by the Facilitators to confirm that each delegate has the highest level of negotiating skill that standard training can provide, and that they will be able to contribute meaningfully to their syndicate.


Programme Outline

  • Understanding selling and negotiating as part of the dealmaking process
  • The difference between negotiation and bribery, and compromise and flexibility in deals
  • Creating power and using this to close mutually beneficial deals on the delegate’s terms
  • Relating power to value - i.e. understanding what the other person values at both business and personal levels, and leveraging this to close deals
  • Behavioural styles (personality analysis), hot buttons, and other "soft" factors affecting deals
  • Structuring negotiating teams and using each role for maximum impact
  • Manoeuvring expert advisors as part of a dealmaking team
  • Guidelines for giving and getting proposals
  • Dealmaking in Africa and how to predict bribery and understand African perceptions of power (this is expanded to a global context)


Learning Process

The didactic process The Dealguru™ programme uses is inductive learning through the Conscious Competence model, and is structured as follow:

  • Delegates are given a lecture on a section of theory, which they are free to debate with the Facilitator (lecturer) during the session
  • They then apply the theory to a Case Simulation, using a specific methodology, in syndicates. The syndicates get together to negotiate the Case, which is filmed
  • The Facilitator then reviews the Case with the delegates so they can self-evaluate, and get feedback from peers and from the Facilitator
  • This process is repeated four times over the two days


Duration: Two consecutive working days


Considerations: The number of delegates per programme is limited to eight.