The Dealmaker


Programme Overview

The Dealmaker™ programme addresses the negotiating and dealmaking challenges faced by sales-driven individuals and organisations. The programme enhances the negotiating expertise of individuals by providing the processes and knowledge needed to excel in all facets of dealmaking, particularly negotiating and concluding deals with greater speed and effectiveness. The Dealmaker™ assists companies to adopt more innovative and strategic approaches to business deals, thereby enabling them to protect and grow their profit margins.


Programme Objectives

The Dealmaker™ programme enables participants to negotiate transactions more quickly and profitably by:

  1. Maximising business deals through the effective application of the programme’s repeatable methodology
  2. Using a one-page process to exploit negotiation planning, gain big-picture perspective and have control over important deals and decisions
  3. Achieving measurable shifts in the level of their dealmaking skills, and sustaining these behavioural shifts in the long term
  4. Integrating selling and negotiation and moving seamlessly between the two
  5. Protecting and increasing the financial wellbeing of their organisation


Target Audience

The Dealmaker™ programme assumes that participants have completed basic negotiation and selling skills and related courses (presentation skills, communication skills, etc) and have at least three years’ working experience in a direct sales position. The programme is comparable to an MBA elective module.


Programme Outline for The Dealmaker Programme

  • Understand dealmaking vs selling vs negotiating
  • Consider BATNA (Best Alternative To No Agreement) relative to dealmaking
  • Examine "power" and how to create power in dealmaking
  • Step 1: Planning
    • Intelligently using information, questions and listening
    • Creating a Ball Park within which to strike the deal
    • Building a team for the deal
    • Analysing the behavioural styles of the other party's team
  • Step 2: Face-to-Face
    • Rules of engagement
    • Using "argument" to build a case for the deal
    • Structuring, getting and giving proposals
    • Moving from a bargaining position
    • Maximising communication in dealmaking
  • Step 3: Closing
    • Recognising when to close a deal
    • Creating and breaking deadlock
    • Dealing with difficult dealmakers
  • Apply the theory of the programme to the real world


Learning Process

The didactic process The Dealmaker programme uses is inductive learning through the Conscious Competence model, and is structured as follow:

  • Delegates are given a lecture on a section of theory, which they are free to debate with the Facilitator (lecturer) during the session
  • They then apply the theory to a Case Simulation, using a specific methodology, in syndicates. The syndicates get together to negotiate the Case, which is filmed
  • The Facilitator then reviews the Case with the delegates so they can self-evaluate, and get feedback from peers and from the Facilitator
  • This process is repeated four times over the two days



Two consecutive working days in Johannesburg.

Workshops in the regions can be scheduled, but is dependent on the number of bookings we receive.



The number of delegates per programme is 12 to 16 with two Facilitators, or six to eight delegates and one Facilitator. This ratio ensures every delegate receives personal coaching and feedback.



TBC as it will be dependent on the number of bookings we receive.


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