Initiate and Chair Disciplinary Hearings (IR)

Programme Overview

Many organisations have costly compensation orders from the CCMA due to Line Managers and HR staff not complying with legislation regarding disciplinary matters. This
comprehensive course gives detailed insight into discipline in the workplace.

This programme will focus on both the substantive and procedural requirements as set out in the Code of Good Practice: Dismissals which is used by Bargaining Council and CCMA Commissioners when considering claims of unfairness in the application of discipline. The material covers the roles of all the relevant role players in the disciplinary enquiry process and therefore creates an all-round understanding of the roles and limitations of the initiator
(employer representative), Chairperson and employee(or is/her representative).
This course gives a practical hands-on approach for dealing with discipline in the workplace by using case studies and role plays. Learners are able to transfer gained knowledge back to their workplaces, where all employees benefit from a better grasp of labour rights and procedure.


Content to be Covered


Day 1

  • Introduction to Misconduct and Poor Performance
  • Introduction to dismissals
  • Legal provisions relating to dismissals and disciplinary action.
  • Importance of accurately categorising matters
  • Procedural and substantive fairness
  • Procedural considerations in respect of possible sanctions
  • Formulations of charges
  • Dealing with specific offences
  • Documentation


Day 2

Procedure of conducting a fair disciplinary enquiry, which will include:-

  • Presentation of evidence
  • Role of the parties
  • Practical exercise


Day 3

  • Continuation of practical exercises
  • Will involve going over the requirements of the POE's.



The programme takes place over 3 days.

Programmes can be scheduled in the regions and is dependent on the number of bookings we receive.



To be determined based on number of delegates enrolled.



TBD as it is dependent on the number of request we receive.



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