Inside Sales Management

Programme Objective

To provide Sales Managers with a practical framework enabling them to manage sales performance effectively within the context of everyday pressures


Target Audience:

Any person involved in Managing a Sales Team at any level of experience


Programme Outline:

On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the Core Tasks involved in managing a sales team: Territory Planning, Managing the Sales Process and Reviewing Sales Performance
  • Develop knowledge and skills in order to manage the Human Dimension of performance. This is achieved through understanding the connection of a series of key generic principles that allow a sales manager under pressure to quickly and effectively diagnose the real performance issues.
  • Put actions in place to remedy these performance issues.


Inside Management is a systematic approach to greater clarity of thought, communication and decision making. For managers striving to get the best possible performance from their team, the pressure is unrelenting. With constant interruptions and demands upon their time, there is never an opportunity to focus on a single objective. Faced by multiple tasks, conflicting priorities and complex human behaviour, the main challenge- even for the  most talented manager is often just how to get through another day.


That’s why, in the real world, a dry theoretical approach to management is of minimal value. What managers need is a practical system that they can learn to apply in any situation, enabling them to see with total clarity both the immediate issue/s requiring their attention, and the bigger strategic picture that provides the context. And that’s precisely what this workshop delivers. Based on robust psychological principles, our Inside Management Workshop can help managers not just to withstand the constant barrage of demands upon them,

but to thrive on the pressure - transforming doubt or uncertainty into sharp focus, clear communication and decisive action to achieve the desired results.



3 days



On request.



The Bill Venter Academy in Midrand



On request.


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