Mindset Selling

Programme Objective

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with the core and foundation of the sales process in order to equip them with a framework, strategies and tools to generate new business and build relationships to ensure client retention.


Target Audience:  Anyone involved in sales.


Programme Outline:

On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the key principles involved in customer focused selling
  • Recognise that the buying decision takes place in the mind of the customer
  • Identify the psychological stages that people go through in making decisions
  • Identify the typical ‘blockers’ that can prevent progression to the final stage of making a decision to buy
  • Have an understanding of the major ‘traps’ to avoid in selling and how to deal with them when they do arise
  • Develop strategies and skills to facilitate movement and ensure buyer commitment
  • Diagnose the state of their current deals and identify the most important next steps towards a final discussion.

An approach to selling with a fundamentally different focus: buying. In sales, where you are only ever as good as your last deal, the pressure to perform is constant. With a clear sense of direction and the right tools to hand, sales professionals can learn not just to withstand pressure, but turn it to their advantage.

To help them achieve this, Mind-Set Selling takes a fundamentally different approach. Conventional sales training tends to focus on techniques that salespeople can use to “control” their customers’ behaviour and close the sale. In contrast, Mind-set Selling is based on the simple observation that the decision to buy always takes place inside the customer’s head. In short, our

Taking this as its starting-point, Mind-Set Selling maps out the customer’s journey towards making a decision to buy, showing how they pass through an entirely predictable and consistent sequence of psychological stages/states. By understanding where the customer is on this journey, and what is likely to be going on inside their heads, an effective salesperson can help move them towards the desired destination.



3 Full days



The Bill Venter Academy in Midrand.


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