Project Management (University of Stellenbosch Business School)

Project Management in the Modern Business World

Friedrich Engels said: “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” In today’s world, project management has become a prime technique for managing change. The Programme in Project Management at USB Executive Development (USB-ED) was designed to respond to the needs of the modern business environment in a practical, how-to-do-it way.


The programme is aimed at middle to senior managers who need to launch or manage projects.


Programme Content

The programme presents all the principles, processes, techniques and requirements for the focused and integrated management of substantial ad hoc tasks (i.e. projects) by a specific team against planned targets of time and cost, as opposed to functional management. Presentation methods include group work and case studies, and individual and group participation are important components of the programme structure. The following subject areas are covered:

  • Orientation to project management and project planning
  • Organising for project management
  • The formulation of the scope of a project
  • Time management for projects with non-repetitive elements
  • Cost management


Participants will be required to attend a classroom-based study block of 5 days from Monday to Friday, 08:15–17:30.


Based on pre-reading and class discussions, groups are required to submit responses to case studies. Individuals or groups must prepare a project plan on a topic of own choice. The purpose of this assignment is for participants to demonstrate an understanding of all the principles and techniques presented in the programme and to confirm their ability to apply these in a practical situation. The assignment will be marked against an assessment matrix. An individual assignment requires an aggregate outcome of 50% with a sub-minimum outcome of 30% for every chapter of the assignment. Group assignments require an aggregate outcome of 60% with a subminimum outcome of 30% for every chapter of the assignment.


The programme as a Learning Investment

After completion of the programme, you will be equipped to:

  • Identify, compare and apply different leadership theories that impact on project management
  • Develop and apply your awareness regarding different EQ competencies
  • Introduce an inclusive and comprehensive model of multidimensional leadership intelligence
  • Assess and apply negotiation methodologies for the situational application of interest-based conflict resolution



R 20,075.00 per person (inclusive of VAT)



Dates for 2017 to be confirmed by USB.