The Resultchanger

The Resultchanger™ is a two day programme that focuses on the proficiency required to ensure that projects and assignments are concluded speedily and profitably.


The Resultchanger™ combines deal-making and deal-closing skills to optimise results in projects and deals.  This potent programme equips delegates with the dealmaking skills essential for contending with profitability and revenue targets that are operationally driven. The programmes helps consultants, auditors, engineers, project managers and other non-sales revenue contributors to shift their thinking and behaviour to consciously achieve the results they want from their specific deals.


The ResultchangerOutcomes – by the end of the course the delegates will:

  1. Be able to negotiate new projects and modify existing contracts
  2. Communicate, network and engage with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders to maximum effect
  3. Balance business judgement with technical excellence, shifting between “technical” and “business” modes as required
  4. Reach milestones and move projects forward to conclusion more quickly
  5. Increase the revenues and profitability of consulting-orientated projects
  6. Understand the executive decisions and political power bases that influence the approvals in a decision.



The Bill Venter Academy in Midrand



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On request.


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