Senior Project Management Programme (University of Stellenbosch Business School)

Senior Project Management Programme Integrating Project with Strategic Management

Project management is an applied management science that builds on, applies and integrates basic management knowledge. USB-ED’s Senior Project Management Programme (SPMP) aims to prepare and increase the availability of competent project managers, and to build a pool of executive managers that are able to run the project management function in their organisations. In addition, the programme develops upper management skills to integrate projects with the strategic management of organisations. 


The programme is aimed at individuals, working in a corporate environment, who are embarking on a career in project management.


Programme Content

The following areas are covered:

Project Management: Principles and Practices
Applying generic project management philosophy, principles and techniques; developing a project plan for application in the real life work environment; analysing, planning, measuring progress, controlling and reporting on any project of any kind or size in any industry.


Project Leadership and EQ
Identifying and applying different leadership theories that impact on project management; developing and applying EQ competency awareness; introducing an inclusive and comprehensive model of multi-dimensional leadership intelligence; assessing and applying negotiation methodologies for the situational application of interest-based conflict resolution.


Project Ethics and Professional Practice


Project Sustainability and Value Management
Complying with the requirements of training in PMSA (Project Management South Africa) Code of Conduct


Project Procurement
Addressing areas of weakness with insights from the Team Performance Model; applying Kotter’s 8 steps to develop a sustainable strategy to lead change; using the SWOT analysis to identify areas of need and find appropriate approaches; applying the Prioritisation tool.


Project Governance
Determining project governance applications in context of corporate governance; distinguishing and comparing different project governance paradigms; justifying the need for project governance; determining the role, function and composition of a project Steering Committee; integrating project stakeholder engagement, project communication and project risk management into a project governance framework.


Project Scheduling
Scheduling a project with repetitive tasks and outputs according to the balance line technique; resolving the resource dependency of precedence scheduling through the application of the Theory of Constraints; optimising the duration of a project by balancing fixed and variable costs; utilising and applying MS Project software.


When and Where



R 62,700.00 (inclusive of VAT)